Upgrade for Company Facebook Pages

A design upgrade is coming for company Facebook Pages on March 30, 2012. The new features will provide additional customization of your page. Companies should appreciate how this expands your branding options on Facebook. If you would like to learn more about the changes you can read this article by our partner, Right Brain + Left Brain.

Writing Better Press Releases

Just because marketing continues to move toward online delivery doesn’t mean that traditional forms of marketing have become less relevant. I recently read an article on OpenForum that included 5 Tips for Writing a Good Press Release. It is definitely worth reviewing. Once you’re done using these suggestions to write new press releases remember to get them posted online to your website, social media and blog

Startup Rules of the Road

A few months ago David Storm wrote an article for ReadWriteWeb highlighting the Startup Rules of the Road. It was created in follow-up to a mentoring session he had with a few young entrepreneurs. The post is definitely worth reading as it provides useful tips and a bit of motivation for anyone who is looking to start their own business.

Creating a Shared Corporate Culture

As you are getting a new business started many times the focus will be fundraising, product development and customer acquisition. But as you grow it is critical to spend some time building a team and a developing a corporate culture that complement your personality and the company’s mission. In the article What is Shared Culture John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing offers helpful suggestions to get you started by highlighting the elements of a healthy shared culture.

STEM Programs for Minorities & Women

There has been a focus in education over the past few years on the STEM initiative to train students in science, technology, engineering and math in hopes of preparing them for more career opportunities. One of our partners, Michele McGough from solutions4networks, recently wrote an article that addresses why more support is still needed for STEM programs targeting minorities and women.

It is definitely worth a read. You can view the full article here. Then if you would like to learn about how solutions4networks supports companies by marking your network more reliable, secure, and scalable visit their website.

Training for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

C-leveled is a proud partner of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac NewVenture course. The program offers support for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs through customized business training, take-home course materials and unlimited documents for life. Join us for the next session, facilitated by C-leveled’s Denise DeSimone.

  • Date: Tuesdays – April 17, April 24, May 1 and May 8
  • Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Location: Pittsburgh Technology Council
  • Price: $600 per person
  • RSVP: Maria Graziani or 412-980-8875.

For more information download the FastTrac NewVenture PDF or visit our business training page. All attendees receive access to four full-day working sessions totaling 32 hours of training as well as numerous resources to assist with growing your small business.

For Love or Money?

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to start businesses. Entrepreneurs are driven by things like the need for independence, innovation, money and technology disruption. The article The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: For Love Or Money? on OpenForum provides an interesting look at why individuals decide to launch businesses. We think having a passion for your business ideas and being motivated by a desire for profit are both critical to success.

Resources for Setting Up Payroll

Your startup is expanding and hiring the first set of full-time employees. Now is the time to build the infrastructure to support payroll and taxes. But where do you start? Check out these 10 Steps to Setting Up a Payroll System written by the U.S. Small Business Administration . Then consider adding C-leveled’s Performance Package which provides access to our knowledge center with more than a hundred sample documents and templates to help as your small business grows including the Payroll Budget Estimate Worksheet, Employee Salary Worksheet and Expense Report Templates.

Great Examples of Branding Projects

Ready to brand your new company or re-brand an existing one? I recently found an article on one of Fast Company’s websites, Co.DESIGN, featuring interesting projects ranging from the Canadian Olympic Team to TBS to The National – Bar & Dining Rooms. Check out all of the great examples in the article Our 11 Favorite Branding Projects of 2011.

What’s Next for Email Marketing?

We’ve seen an increased focus on using social media for marketing over the past few years. While these platforms are definitely helpful new channels to reach your audience they aren’t a replacement for your proven means of marketing. One of existing (and tested) resources, email marketing, still appears to be going strong. Industry leaders share their thoughts in this article by AWeber Communications on Email Marketing – What to Watch for in 2012.